Plan of MU

The last day of April, in England with the latest reported data, the peak of the epidemic seems Covid-19 went through. Therefore, not surprising that the organizers Premiership is considering plans to bring the tournament back, finish ninth round with 92 unfinished match.

Assistant blurt Solskjaer, Manchester United have broke through Liverpool hoax?
Assistant McKenna (holding table) revealed plans MU (Image Source: Internet)

Assistant McKenna (holding table) revealed the plans of MU

However, the star players have expressed concern over their safety, as well as relatives. A report by the Daily Mail, said in the world who had a profound divergence on the issue of training and playing again. And this is happening with the clubs, where many teams still want to cancel the results of the 2019/20 season.

MU - one team is predicted to suffer the most severe if the English Premier League 2019/20 does not go to the destination, is also quiet waiting for the next developments. Elite at Old Trafford was torn between the interests of the club to the championship is within reach of the great rivals Liverpool.

If the Premiership without ice nodules 9 rounds, MU would most likely not have a ticket to the Champions League next season, not to mention the loss of hundreds of millions of pounds. But who knows, to prevent champions Liverpool, "Reds" re ready to suffer on his side?

In an interview with online recently, assistant Kieran McKenna - right arm of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer revealed some movement at Old Trafford: "At this time, we are working towards the front . After the blockade was eased, MU can come back with some light training session.

The whole team is working under that schedule at this time, but if forced to push back again, we have a plan B and plan C has been designed to prepare for the worst case scenario. "

Shock to Liverpool?

However, pandemic Covid-19 still shows the complexity, and can fully back Monday with pounding waves.

Daily Express predicts that if until the end of May that the English Premier League can not exercise or find solutions appropriate play, probably the tournament organizers will have to resort to a vote. This newspaper also doubts about the choice of Manchester United - the team is said to be ready to play all "to delete the old game, a new game to fight back."

Assistant blurt Solskjaer, Manchester United have broke through Liverpool hoax?
Hostility between MU (red shirt) and Liverpool never stops (Image Source: Internet)

Hostility between MU (red shirt) and Liverpool never stops

Earlier, according to British media, six giants of English football have come to a tacit agreement on the fate of the English Premier League.

If you can not finish the campaign 2019/20, 6 giants Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham could damage to 580 million pounds, more than 14 other clubs combined. Therefore, giants indefinite wants the end, because that is the best way to ensure that the tournament will finish the journey. But this agreement can be broken if MU "broke through".

If this scenario happens, of course, only Liverpool - teams were on hand as the championship first Premiership club's history, the most disadvantaged. United has 20 English league championships, this number is 18. However, with Liverpool, the nearest time "Red Brigade" crowned the 1989/90 season, which was the way to 30 years today.