4 goals from Arsenal before Man City

On the welcomion of Man City in the Federation quarter-finals, coach Arteta chose a squad of many young faces, in which 25-year-old Runarsson goalkeeper stemmed from the beginning to Bernd Leno in the wooden frame. However, this is a disaster match of the Icelandic goalkeeper.

Arsenal's goalkeeper made a mistake like the game makes the home team eliminated, Arteta says?
Runarsson's shadow catching situation (Photo source: Internet)

Runarsson's shadow catching

In Arsenal's first goal in the 3rd minute, Runarsson had a loss of relief and let Gabriel Jesus thoroughly hit the scoring. At the beginning of the second half, Runarsson even let the ball go through his hand to the net when he blocked Mahrez's free kick. This young goalkeeper also has a lot of unsafe handling when he passed his team.

Runarsson's disappointing form made Arsenal suffer from failure 1-4 and removed from the Federation Cup. After the match, many Arsenal fans were complained on Twitter on the decision to use Runarsson of Coach Arteta, and asked why the club sold out to Emiliano Martinez, who was playing very well in Aston Villa.

Sharing on Sky Sports waves, Jamie Redknapp commentator said this is Runarsson's "classic mistake". "Arsenal fans will tell why Leno is not kicked today. He was still a child and the fact that he was arrested in a match like this was confusing. Hope he can overcome this challenge and stand up with his legs. "

Should know, Runarsson is taken to replace Martinez, who caught very well in Arsenal colors in the last season last season. The 28-year-old goalkeeper continued to maintain a high level when moving to Aston Villa and became one of the best temple guards.

On the Twitter social network, Arsenal fans broke out the debate about the position and role of Runarsson. "Really, why did Arsenal sell Martinez?", "It's quirky to sell EMI Martinez and replace it with this guy. Nobody told me Arteta was a coach. Trust in which process? "" Edu sells Martinez and buys Runarsson, giving Willian a 3-year contract. Arteta is getting confused and harmless. It will be a long season. "

Even so, there are a few relevants supporting Runarsson. JAN-CHRISTIAN AUSTAD account said: "Ceballos, Mustafi, Kola, Cedric and Elneny are so much better than the Runarsson. This is Runarsson's first bad match with the team. He is the goalkeeper without a chance to play. "

Meanwhile, talking about the mistakes of students, coach Arteta said: "He hasn't played many games for us, we will make mistakes and need to support him. Bernd (Leno) had to play many games and he needed a break. We have to give the opportunity to others and Runarsson also shown well in previous matches. In football things like this happened to be often ".