Public criticism MU Liverpool rock god "sloppy": Klopp voiced anger

After the victory against Arsenal, coach Jürgen Klopp has reacted strongly to the criticism of the former Manchester United star Roy Keane. According to former players, Liverpool defense played "sloppy" and that is why they are Arsenal breached previous grid.

When reporters SkySports questions of opinion with comments on, coach Klopp quickly responded: "I do not think he would say about this game. You have mistaken it? Or he's watching the game otherwise. we played very good. no need to argue about that. I do not want to hear a word from him again. "

Teammate scrapers conceded Liverpool, Arsenal said shakily SAO incredible

Forced courtyard large part of the 1st half-time but Arsenal have suddenly ahead of Liverpool thanks to goals from Alexandre Lacazette. However, this is somewhat mixed up the luck of Andrew Robertson visitors make the mistake of breaking ball situations.

Arsenal fear that SAO Liverpool, Manchester United legend was still damn sloppy
Xhaka quietly to the crowd teammates were celebrating (Image Source: Internet)

Xhaka quietly to the crowd teammates are celebrating

Remarkably, even after the breach against Liverpool, Arsenal players ran to celebrate the goal. However, Bein Sports has realized a "Gunners" are still very tense, it was midfielder Granit Xhaka. Swiss star who has no time to "complete soul" after a series of situations rushing against the city of Liverpool.

On the pitch no spectators, reporters heard very clearly what Xhaka told teammates while. Specifically, midfielder, 28, has run the team and the crowd shouted: "We were scared." After 2 times shouted, Xhaka seems to have regained the psychological balance.

Liverpool created suffocating pressure for Arsenal during the 1st half

This is clearly an understandable reaction when Arsenal Liverpool pressed for the halftime and under braking into a series of dangerous situations. Lacazette's opener of nature relieve enormous psychological for some Arsenal players. However, before the play has the "flexing" rivals, Liverpool still know how to make Arsenal broke down with three goals in the remaining minutes of the match.