Chelsea will have the FA Cup final against Arsenal at 1/8 23h30 next day at Wembley and the game will be a chance for coach Frank Lampard won the first title of his career at Chelsea in general and in particular. The same thing for Arsenal's Mikel Arteta.

Arsenal FA Cup Chelsea: Lampard Giroud was
Lampard had a chance to win the first title of his career Saturday night this (Image Source: Internet)

Lampard had a chance to win the first title of his career this Saturday night

Chelsea was held to make the Champions League next season tickets, and now they only concentrate on playing my best match of the Cup. They will be very difficult to reverse the previous line within 1/8 Bayern Munich in the Champions League, but Arsenal is a medium-range opponents though Arteta showed his formidable when put "Gunners" struck down Man City in the semifinals.

But while Arteta has been little advantage is motivated to vote to win tickets to attend the Europa League, Chelsea have no motives play big and will only Wolves & Tottenham are really sorry for them if they lose by them Chelsea need to win the Europa League is projected. Lampard will therefore somewhat harder to do ideological work.

Not just a matter of goal, Lampard had reason to worry that some of his players in the team will not compete wholeheartedly because they are about to leave the club. Pedro will bid farewell to the team, while Jorginho can be sold, and Willian also coming out of contract (maybe even join the Arsenal). Goalkeeper Kepa has disgraced and anyway will not catch the final when it was handed to Willy Caballero.

Arsenal FA Cup Chelsea: Lampard Giroud was
Willian could join Arsenal immediately after the FA Cup final (Image Source: Internet)

Willian could join Arsenal immediately after the FA Cup finals

Recently striker Olivier Giroud in turn, also said in an interview with L'Equipe life that he could leave Chelsea after the FA Cup final. Giroud admits next season he can be difficult to play when Chelsea have Tammy Timo Werner Abraham and his competitive position.

"I was one-year contract but I would not stay if you do not feel happy. I believe I can rock in a big tournament in 2 years. I remember once talking to Wenger, he said I was 35 stone to year because my game is not based on speed, "said Giroud.

Arsenal FA Cup Chelsea: Lampard Giroud was
Giroud hinted possibilities leave Chelsea if not the main stone (Image Source: Internet)

Giroud hinted capabilities without leaving Chelsea soccer

"I'm not surprised Chelsea striker bought more because this is a big club always spend money to strengthen the force. Timo Werner will not come to the bench, but I will do everything to ensure that Lampard falls into a dilemma when given the choice between me and the remaining strikers ".

Good news for Lampard's Chelsea team does not have many absences. Billy Gilmour injury certainly does not rock while progress N'Golo recovery Kante medical team is being monitored. In addition to 2 cases out Chelsea will have sufficient forces, while Arsenal have lost up to 5 people injured, while Mesut and Matteo are not necessarily Guendouzi in good mental state to the pitch.