After passing the disease caused by Covid-19, Mikel Arteta immediately returned reels at Arsenal. Spanish teacher understand that I have much work to do at the Emirates. During the period of suspension, the soccer tournament preparation for the upcoming transfer window is needed.

Arsenal 1 objective of better dribbling Messi, 50 million pounds
Thomas Partey is Arsenal's number one target this summer (Image Source: Internet)

Thomas Partey is Arsenal's number one target this summer

According to the Daily Mail reported that the coach's number one target Arteta in the summer transfer period is midfielder Thomas Partey Atletico Madrid. Ghana midfielder is 26 years old and was confirmed to be a name in the squad Simeone.

Money played in defense position, Partey be appreciated in its ability to intercept and tackle. The average Ghanaian midfielder launched 2.5 tackles / ball, and 1.4 times the rated / match after 38 appearances this season, more than any of the Arsenal midfielder.

Not just a good defense, attack Partey supports its ability to pass the ball well and shot wide. In particular, the midfielder has excellent dribbling ability. After 24 appearances in La Liga, 52 Partey implementation phase and successful dribbling to 45 times - reaching 81.8% rate.

According to Opta Jose, this is the best record in La Liga this season (only players with 50 or more dribbling phase). "Professionals dribbling" Leo Messi only dribbling success rate was 67.3%, ranks fourth in the list.

Arsenal 1 objective of better dribbling Messi, 50 million pounds
Lacazette be "swapped" with Thomas Partey? (Image Source: Internet)

Lacazette be "swapped" with Thomas Partey?

With the above qualities, Partey is the missing piece in the coach's tactical scheme Arteta. Therefore, the Spanish teacher readying all abilities to have been signed by the Ghanaian midfielder this summer.

According to the Sun, the price of Partey is at 50 million pounds and Arsenal are ready to add striker Lacazette on offer to convince Atletico Madrid. This is considered a smart move by the Madrid team will look for a replacement striker Diego Costa this summer.

Lacazette played for Arsenal for three years but can not do more. Therefore, the home side the Emirates also want to push the French striker went to find an alternative solution. However, Atletico Madrid is not easy to "Gunners" to achieve his purpose. However, the likelihood of success of this deal is quite high.