Newcastle set a date officially changed owners

British newspapers reported simultaneously, BTC Premier League agreed to the deal at Newcastle changed ownership takes place. Currently only one of the problems of paperwork is rushing to complete. Scheduled on 1/6 to, exchange all superlative cult British football for many years will be officially announced.

Ignore Pochettino, Newcastle target "Mourinho II"

One of the major concerns, once Prince Mohammed bin Salman formal buyout Newcastle, which is the position coach. Steve Bruce is not branded names. Former United players only with the middle-class team. Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Prince are now ambitious "dragon" Newcastle.

Arabian prince bought Newcastle: Closing date of publication,
Prince Mohammed bin Salman is completing procedures to buy Newcastle (Image Source: Internet)

Prince Mohammed bin Salman is completing procedures to buy Newcastle

Peaceful "search preferences yellow sand" Newcastle start even when Prince Mohammed bin Salman has not officially landed in St. James Park. According to the Daily Mail, in a lot of talented coaches on the radar, André Villas-Boas (AVB) suddenly emerged as a top candidate.

This only came after several other candidates are not really interested in the plan, "dragon" Newcastle. Sources confirmed to the Daily Mail, coach Mauricio Pochettino not want to risk with a risky plan to bring the people of Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, Max Allegri is likely to stay in Italy, rather than to England.

For these reasons mentioned above, Villas-Boas is now candidates. According to the French press, the more likely that team was dubbed the "Mourinho II" will resign and leave the steering position in Marseille. Notably, Villas-Boas has put Marseille up to 2nd place in Ligue 1 - the best achievement of this team after many years.

Villas-Boas only Andre 1 year contract with Marseille. If the military situation Portuguese farewell France team, Newcastle totally accessible "AVB", brought him to England. After a tumultuous period in the military situation now, Villas-Boas regaining confidence on the bench.

Arabian prince bought Newcastle: Closing date of publication,
Villas-Boas can coach to lead Newcastle (Image Source: Internet)

Villas-Boas can coach to lead Newcastle

Prior to France took Marseille coach Villas-Boas had led six clubs and won 7 titles. Villas-Boas's team coach sticking longest ever is Zenit (Russia) for 26 months. He had worked at Chelsea stage and Tottenham won, but not as successful as expected.

During his career, Villas-Boas once famous club with a treble with Porto. It was in the 2010/11 season, with 3 trophies National Cup Partially and Portugal, along with the Europa League. Boss Roman Abramovich spent 15 million euros each - a record amount for a coach in 2011 to take on Chelsea AVB. However, he only has 10 months in office before receiving the warrant dismissal.