The life changing in the Northeast

Not Natural Newcastle fans again delighted by the news that the club came about to change hands. Because this team going Northeast "Sa rice rat" by new owners upon arrival with the English Premier League, became the richest billionaires league.

Arabian prince bought Newcastle: Ambition breaks orderly Premiership
Newcastle are about to change your life (Image Source: Internet)

Newcastle are about to change your life

Mohammed bin Salman as crown prince of Saudi Arabia Royal, held many important positions of government. In his royal family, he is said to be the common property management amounted to more than 1.3 trillion pounds. Mohammed bin Salman have personal property estimated at a total of 7 billion pounds, with 34% of which is available at the bank. Young billionaire also owns superyacht cost £ 400 million, as well as real estate is expensive luxuries like an old castle in France 240 million pounds.

After completing the Newcastle owner, Mohammed bin Salman planned ahead will provide a budget for the team Northeast British equivalent amount bought the club (300 million pounds) to strengthen the force. However, more specific plans after Premiership return to action in time to come.

Only about 24 hours ago, the Daily Mail revealed that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia - Mohammed bin Salman officially activate the process of acquiring Newcastle with a £ 300 price. Billionaire oil from the Middle East deposit part of the purchase agreement worth 300 million pounds. This money has been changing hands - and entirely in cash. Current owners of Newcastle - Mike Ashley also confirmed that the process of transfer is being undertaken to speed quickly.

The necessary paperwork has been signed between the parties. What the Newcastle fans now wait just a billionaire Middle East repay part of the money remaining, and the Premier League is the organizing committee through the papers to officially become the new owner of English clubs. This process can take about 3 to 4 weeks to complete the entire transaction.

Order 6 hitters coming broken

In particular, a planned 300 pages was the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia sent to the organizers Premier League, which publicly ambition to win the Champions League tickets, turn Newcastle into a new power in English football . This is the key point to the experts worry that the order of the English Premier League is about to be broken.

Arabian prince bought Newcastle: Ambition breaks orderly Premiership
Order 6 giants of the Premiership will be broken? (Image Source: Internet)

Order 6 giants of the Premiership will be broken?

The new owners from the Middle East is also committed to the long-term investment, legal and fundamental for Newcastle, to ensure that this team does not fall into a wealth erosion and then burst like a bubble - it was happens with many other teams across Europe as Malaga, Monaco, Anzhi Makhachkala Zenit or ...

Thus, this is clearly a problem with the relationship f team in group 6 giants of the Premiership. Initially, this tournament includes only the Big Four (big four) with Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea. But with the rise of Manchester City and Tottenham - especially Man City - a model which is most likely Newcastle will learn and order the Big Four have been replaced by groups of six hitters. But upcoming it may become the Big Seven.

In the past, the Serie A glorious of nearly 20 years ago, in the childhood "seven sisters" step proud of Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Parma, Lazio, Roma, Fiorentina proclaimed hero proclaimed marketing, competition is clear and intense. With the English Premier League, if that 7 giants are set, perhaps no less fierce, but also somewhat more.