Covid-19 pandemic is affecting many aspects of life, including the soccer event in the world is frozen in time. The national championships will be rushing European racing against time so that timely completion this season take place before August, because it's time for the new campaign.

Appeared crazy idea to replace 11 players / games in the Premier League
Danny Higginbotham propose bold ideas (Image Source: Internet)

Danny Higginbotham propose bold ideas

But also for that reason, perhaps more tournaments will take place with high intensity 2 to 3 matches / week. This will cause many players are squeezing effort. But to avoid this situation, a proposal by the organizers Premiership is the use as of 5 people the right to change each game.

This solution is intended to help players avoid injury after a very long time not to practice and competition intense for pandemic Covid-19. However, comments in The Sun, Danny Higginbotham MU former players that instead of 5 people, he proposes the substitution 11 per game for the Premier League team.

Actually this is often done in the friendly match, but unprecedented in previous precedent in a tournament official. "No one can catch up intensity physical activity, such as in a football game after a long time out of action. I think the Premier League team should be allowed to use 11 waving the tournament back.

We're falling into a particular situation should require special solutions. This is also the problem of the coach because they will have to calculate the state of the players to just be able to win the best results just avoid them from the trauma ", Danny Higginbotham, a former defender on the payroll of MU since 1997 and 2000 reviews.

Related to the proposed daring Danny Higginbotham, some people do not agree to say that the team will take advantage of the substitution is too much for time. In addition, 22 substitutions during the match one might take too much time. Accordingly, if there is this kind will only be substitution between the two half-time break.

Recommended immediate replacement with 5 people, the tournament organizers had anticipated this possibility and limited number of substitutions in figure 3, which will have to replace 2-3 people at a time.