Ronaldo angry situations with colored shirt Morata in Real:

On the homepage, Juventus joyfully greeted the return of striker Álvaro Morata with the loan with a term of 1 year.

Álvaro Morata to Juventus, will
Morata - Ronaldo (Image Source: Internet)

Morata - Ronaldo

In Turin, the Spanish striker will be reunited with coach Pirlo and many other incidents. Among them, the most important still is Cristiano Ronaldo. Two players each color side by side in Real Madrid shirt with broken promises to fire in attack "Old Lady" under the direction of legendary Italy.

According to recent signs, coach Pirlo is inclined want to use 3-4-1-2 scheme. With 4 midfielders, Juve will have more personnel than to master the middle. Locatelli, Mandragora, De Paul will contribute to and strengthen youth thick. Meanwhile, Dybala will continue to play the role of "10" stands below 2 assassins Ronaldo and Morata.

This may look like a logical choice, because Ronaldo was 35 years old and no longer speed or stamina too prolific to play washed-off, despite he has 363 goals / 384 matches when played in position this. But if the striker is arranged stone plug, the Portuguese superstar actual play not bad when 137 goals / 147 appearances.

Besides, excess coach Pirlo also quite many choices inside two flank. Stay right there and Bernardeschi Cuadrado, while the left is Douglas Costa or rookie Kulusevski. Therefore, regular orange Ronaldo would be impossible otherwise.

Especially after Álvaro Morata was put on with the task of supporting the maximum Ronaldo in attack position. With many years experience of playing for big teams Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Chelsea or Juventus major, the Spanish striker has skills on the ground and on the walls are not very great. That reinforces the belief he will become a partner with Ronaldo food ideas for the coming period.

Also, coach Pirlo still be able to customize the team if Ronaldo sidelined or injury, independent Morata can still combat in attack in the 3-4-2-1 scheme.

Over time, Ronaldo still improve performance in Serie A while scoring at a rate to rise gradually from 21 to 31 goals (2 recent season). And would not be surprised if Ronaldo can break the record scorer in the tournament with the help of new partners that team Pirlo and Álvaro Morata.