Accordingly, Aguero gave up 10 in his Instagram account name, causing many fans Man City speculating that the move is "clear the way" for Lionel Messi Etihad dock. Should know, Aguero has been wearing the number 10 at Manchester City in 2015, but this is also closely related to the shirt to Messi, who wore it at Barca since 2008. This is the shirt that Messi wears on Argentina.

Unusual change of Aguero

33 years after the superstar to leave Barca statement, many experts believe that Man City is a destination suitable for Messi, not just by coach Pep Guardiola in it, but also a close friend Aguero. According to sources from RAC1 and TyC Sports, Messi's father Jorge was in Manchester is to negotiate the ability to create a classic transfer deal.

Messi get frustrated because Barca white hand in this season, as there are pressing hard to reconcile the new leadership team, believes he can activate a clause to help me become a free agent when season ends. However, the Barca said that provision expired in June, and emphasize team does want Messi would cost a fee.

Back to the events of Aguero, Manchester City fans took to Twitter recently to announce this very special change of "El Kun". One person wrote: "Sergio Aguero has just changed its name from the Instagram account 'kunaguero10' to 'kunaguero'. Oh My Goodness does not believe his eyes again. " Another person added: "Sergio Aguero dropped 10 in Instagram account name, God has something wrong".

Aguero came shocking move, alluding Messi has selected a new destination
History of name changes Aguero Instagram account (Image Source: Internet)

History of name changes Aguero Instagram account

British journalist Jorge DailyMail that he was negotiating a contract for 2 years between Messi and Manchester City, but the story about the transfer fee is an emerging issue unresolved. If Manchester City do not have to pay fees liberation contract amounted to 700 million euros in the M10, they may have to pay the salary of 104 million euros / year for "La Pulga", which includes base salary and 71 million euros in the same bonuses and other bribes.

Should know, Messi only played 60% of matches by the time the current contract of him with Barcelona ends in the summer of 2021 in order to pocket the money 106 million euros, but if he can win "fast 3" for teams or once again become the best player in the world, the final figure may flow into the account can be up to 122 Messi million euros.