Sport in Barcelona newspaper reported that 16 year old youngster Marc Jurado has officially reached an agreement to join Manchester United from Barcelona in the form of transfer of young players. Accordingly MU will pay Barcelona 1.5 million euros.

Marc Jurado (Image Source: Internet)

Marc Jurado

Jurado is a player in the Spanish rock right back position, and he had 9 years of training at La Masia academy. Despite promises Barcelona Juvenil B team promoted to this season, Jurado said that the opportunity to earn interest at Barca play is very low so he decided to leave and refused the invitation to sign a professional contract by Barca.

MU instant advantage of this opportunity to welcome Jurado on and this is seen as part of the current policy from the youth academy of MU. Aside from traditional local recruit, Manchester United in the last 4 years has been actively hunting for members of other training institutes after Nicky Butt and Henny de Regt was given the task.

However Jurado talent is still not hard to find and rare form of non-promoted Barcelona 16 players onto the Juvenil B suggests they may not appreciate the ability of Jurado. However Barcelona in recent years is not out of proportion to players by the clubs training makes outsiders hardly know the training capacity Players La Masia was, and many fans Barca have expressed dissatisfaction on Twitter before Jurado left the club private.

Information MU Marc Jurado to take place shortly after the "Reds" also picked up a young star from a different academy. Joe Hugill this year are at 16 and playing for the club's U23 team Sunderland, who have been evaluated as having the potential to become a striker as Harry Kane style.

Apart Hugill and Jurado, another 16 players who also got to the academy MU goalkeeper Radek person Vitek of the Czech Republic. Vitek from the club Sigma Olomouc and has been tried in Southampton before MU acquisition in January of this year, though they have to go in April to complete the registration of the transfer.