Prince Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Mohammed bin Salman is completing final procedures to formally to hand Newcastle. This transfer service is basically completed, by billionaire Mike Ashley - who owns "Injecting Choe" was accepted at a price of 300 million pounds.

After Newcastle, Prince Saudi to acquire the copyright Premiership
Prince Mohammed bin Salman upcoming buyout Newcastle (Image Source: Internet)

Prince Mohammed bin Salman upcoming buyout Newcastle

However, an "annoying person" appeared and requested the Executive Board Premier League Crown Prince Mohammed bin prevent Salman buy Newcastle. Yousef al-That he Obaidly, CEO Bein Sports - TV station owned by Al-Jazeera media units Premiership copyright holder in the Middle East.

Mr. Yousef al-Obaidly sent a letter to the organizers the Premiership and the top clubs, accused the Royal Government of Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman "for years facilitated acts of piracy TV, and Bein Sports Premiership is the victim lost revenue as well as commercial activities. "

According to the British press, acquisition Newcastle Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia - Mohammed bin Salman worth 300 million pounds is completing the final procedures. Meanwhile, complaints of Bein Sports partly because of political friction between Gulf countries is long, and it barely made an impact.

Bein Sports is the largest partner of the Premiership the release of television rights globally. So TV channels also warned that if the deal is passed, the risk Premiership lost revenue. Also, it does not exclude Bein Sports will stop buying TV rights for the English Premier League next season.

After Newcastle, Prince Saudi to acquire the copyright Premiership
Bein Sports will be ousted from the Premiership? (Image Source: Internet)

Bein Sports will be ousted from the Premiership?

Shocking more, a television station in Saudi Arabia by the Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF) backing, ready to replace Bein Sports, acquisition of TV rights of the English Premier League outside of England. Saudi Arabia and television stations wherewithal to oust giants from Qatar.

Remember that more than 250 billion pounds of wealth belonging to the Investment Fund PIF by Prince Mohammed bin Salman operator. With a strong financial foundation, PIF afford to replace Bein Sports. The problem is the organizing committee Premiership ready to leave longtime partner and his familiar face, to work with a new partner with potential risks or not.

According to The Telegraph, contract new television rights for the period from 2019 to 2022 with a total value of about 4 billion pounds. According to estimates, the deal helps the club heading "Big Six" pocket no less than 75 million pounds more per team for 3 seasons. Which works out each season, the amount they receive about 25 million pounds higher than before.

But if cooperation with Saudi Arabia, the Premier League could still get more. Prince Mohammed bin obviously no secret Salman annexation plan the Premiership, football league turned most attractive planet become "own" people of Saudi Arabia.