Owl "cannon" 214km / h against Shakhtar Donetsk Hulk

Brazilian football has produced strikers prince and even the top players do not reach the highest success and admiring audience, even frightened, by the power of their shot. Adriano is an example, that the new Zlatan Ibrahimovic said also dream to Inter Milan Ibra is stone with him.

Adriano is not nothing: Super Shot speed 221km / h, could not see the ball
Owl "cannon" of past Adriano Real Madrid in 2001 (Image Source: Internet)

Owl "cannon" of Adriano Real Madrid through 2001

Although career peaked in 2004-2005 but Adriano was popular from the beginning of the century. May 8/2001, a left kick out of making Brazilian midfielder's goal rocked Real Madrid in a friendly match between Real and Inter Milan, and powerful shot that Adriano had been "sanctified" in electronic football game Pro Evolution Soccer famous.

However stretch goal seems not own forte Adriano. 2011/12 season, the club Porto Hulk caps and brings a melancholy demon god fierce shot after he made a left kick velocity break 214km / h. Terrible kick to the goalkeeper's hands on the ball Shakhtar Donetsk has not stopped.

Adriano is not nothing: Super Shot speed 221km / h, could not see the ball
Hulk possesses a powerful shot left-footed (Image Source: Internet)

Hulk possesses a powerful shot left-footed

Not only the Hulk, we have known Roberto Carlos, David Luiz is still playing in England and Chelsea fans must remember the central defender Alex. Few know better, Ronny each stone in Portugal & Germany, the Sporting shirt color he had shot himself with a velocity of 221km / h, faster than the Hulk. Point near the penalty kick, so people could not see how the ball went in the net the ball was located.

Kick 221km / h Ronny for Sporting