Having the advantage of home before his opponent once defeated 3-1 in the first leg, Song Milan was a net prestige very early. On the 7th minute, Krunic made an error unforgivable to lose the ball just before the forbidden to the house, giving the opportunity to Rogic and the Celtic striker did not miss the opportunity with a powerful shot of donnarumma.

AC Milan - Celtic: Stunned at the battle, upstream of the classic (Europa League results)
Milan won thanks to the spirit of do not give up (Photo source: Internet)

Milan won thanks to the spirit of not giving up

By the 14th minute, Celtic was unexpectedly a doubling table. Get the trail of Christie's open slot, Edouard picked up the ball before the soft handle with a shot across Donnarumma, helping the Celtic to lead 2-0 when the game has not been 15 minutes.

After 2 goals early, Milan awoke and plunged up attacks. However, they must also ask a fixed situation to regain the spirit. The 24th minute, Calhanoglu stood in front of a penalty kick with a wide corner right in front of the Celtic round and unleashed the dangerous stone, causing goalkeeper Barkas to stand, shortened the gap to 1-2.

Only 2 minutes later, Milan had a equalizer. 26 minutes, Calhanoglu blasted to follow Hernandez to pay back to Rebic to scare, but was stopped, then the ball then came to Castillejo's feet and this player quickly finished the barks.

In the second half, while the Celtic squad was still rushed, Jens Petter Hauge had a shadow that shattered in the 50th minute. Get the ball in the left, the Norwegian star confidently walked into the penalty area, surpassed Through 3 Celtic players before trimming a skillful ball into the far corner, Barkas bold.

The minutes later witnessed Milan played, while Celtic with flowers attacked upholds unable to make a difference. In 82 minutes, Hauge developed a shadow to appear in the left border, he overcame two Celtic players and then poking a delicate slot to Brahim Diaz pressing the ball through the Barkas, assigning a spectacular 4-2 victory for Milan.

Winning this battle, Milan still had to put second-day h do in the same time, Lille also had a 2-1 victory over Sparta Prague. The last round, Milan will have to rely on Celtic with Lille before, while they have to have 3 points before Sparta Prague to win the first place.

General: AC Milan 4-2 Celtic (1: 2-2)


AC Milan: Calhanoglu 24 ', Castillejo 26', Hauge 50 ', Diaz 82'

Celtic: Rogic 7 ', Edouard 14'


AC Milan: Donnarumma, Diogo Dalot, Kjaer, Gabbia, Hernandez, Krunic, Kessie, Calhanoglu, Samu Castillejo, Rebic, Hauge.

Celtic: Barkas, Elhamed, Bitton, Ajer, Laxalt, McGregor, Brown, Christie, Frimpong, Rogic, Edouard.