British press still stunned after Manchester United's Paul Pogba Covid-19 infection, this time to turn Chelsea fell into anarchy for discovering some of the players tested positive for dangerous diseases.

6 SAO Chelsea suffer Covid-19, 8 SAO isolation: Premiership anxiety before opening
Pulisic (left) with two teammates at Chelsea tourism in Greece (Image Source: Internet)

Pulisic (left) with two teammates at Chelsea tourism in Greece

Specifically, the first four Chelsea players are strict isolation by each summer vacation in Mykonos Greek islands include Mount Abraham, Pulisic and Tomori. Also 4 names Jorginho, Barkley, Emerson and Batshuayi also prohibited to headquarters Cobham and have closely monitored.

No information exactly which of these players tested positive for Covid-19. But the Telegraph reported that up to 6 players Chelsea virus infection and two remaining players being quarantined due to close contact with infected players.

It is remarkable that two instances of Mount Abraham and the most disadvantaged when Southgate may be excluded from the squad coach "Three Lions" in preparation for the UEFA Nations League tournament.

Currently, the Premier League is also raised concerns when the tournament kicks off on June 12/9 will come. British newspapers have revealed a total of 14 cases positive for Covid-19 were recorded in 12 club back in preparation for the new season, including Sheffield United, West Ham and Brighton.

Although many current club has warned the players during this vacation, but it seems that epidemic is still very complex movements. Recently, Paul Pogba is the first case of infection Covid MU-19 after being tested.

For this reason that the 27 year old coach Didier Deschamps brushed off the list summoned by France. Besides, Pogba will be quarantined for 14 days and miss the preparation eve of the new season Manchester United, will begin early next week.