Finals dream

AC Milan today as light meteor has faded, it is difficult to shine again. The nostalgic Milanista could only look on extraordinary feats in the past to which unfortunately miss the golden milestone. Dated 18.05.1994, which is one of the most memorable day, sweetest history of this team.

26 years ago, the great Barca's
Johan Cruyff (vest) not imagine Barca so difficult (Image Source: Internet)

Johan Cruyff (vest) not imagine Barca so difficult

That day, Barcelona and AC Milan played the Champions League final in Athens (Greece). The two teams entered the great battle with a completely different context. Meanwhile, Barca are at the zenith, a Dream Team Barca sublimation same that tried Johan Cruyff's legendary coach has painstakingly built.

Dream Team that won 4 of Barca when the La Liga championship in a row. They also helped Barca first time touched the heights of fame in Europe by 1992. The championship course, was the Dream Team, the team had to own a lot of superstars.

Imagine this. In hand "of St. Johan," then there are 4 players are rated as the best in the world that time - central defender Ronald Koeman, midfielders Michel Laudrup, strikers Hristo Stoichkov and especially Romario - champion World Cup 1994.

And the work of coach Cruyff when he is to remove one person, because Barca will only be used with three foreign soldiers player. The result, Laudrup disqualified. Meanwhile, the three foreign players of AC Milan "just" Marcel Desailly, Zvonimir Boban and Dejan Savicevic - who totally inferior to the Barca trio on reputation.

26 years ago, the great Barca's
AC Milan (white shirt) completely dominated the final (Image Source: Internet)

AC Milan (white shirt) completely dominated the finals

And the play of Milan while thick "calculated Italia". It's a defense team to be first taken up by "chief architect" Fabio Capello construction. They reach Athens as a miracle, but not many people believe that the Italian team would be the ones to lift the silverware.

Before the game, the Catalunya disengaged as if they are the champions. Cruyff himself was fascinated that his team has reached the peak, and the army can not be defeated. He even took Romario compared Desailly as a way to "humiliate" the opponent. Romario scored 30 goals in 33 games that season, but Desailly is a player only played fond of muscle.

Dream Team empire collapsed

Barcelona to Athens with undying faith that they pick cup, not won the Cup, and AC Milan are just paving bricks for the legendary Dream Team empire of Barça. And he killed subjective ambitions of military forces under Johan Cruyff's team.

Barcelona play defense like asleep. After 22 minutes, the goal Andoni Zubizarreta goalkeeper Daniele Massaro was pierced with a shot flipped the ball reach the "easy as eating candy." But it seems that Barca have not yet awakened. 45 + 2 minutes of injury time, shot down Massaro Spanish champions once more.

26 years ago, the great Barca's
Desailly set to win 4-0 to AC Milan (Image Source: Internet)

Desailly set to win 4-0 to AC Milan

Step into the locker room after the first half, Johan Cruyff still have that strong faith his side can turn the flag in half 2. However, the door slammed paradise with 47 minutes Catalunya right. Add a mistake from Barca, Dejan Savicevic and extremely delicate chipped beat Zubizarreta.

As Cruyff added to the pain of long, Marcel Desailly - the player who decry Barca captain before the game badly, directly determined 4-0 victory in 58 minutes Barcelona were lucky if not Dream Team squad when he was able to defeat to ... 0-10!

26 years ago, the great Barca's
AC Milan are champions of the Champions League 1993/94 (Image Source: Internet)

AC Milan are champions of the Champions League 1993/94

Failure to extreme pain in Athens has closed the ambitions of Barcelona. Dream Team quickly splintered. Laudrup and Zubizarreta leave, while those who remained after the soul as dumbfounded horror night in Athens. Romario also this team only stayed for 1 year before leaving.

Barcelona coach Johan Cruyff's not reap a trophy again. Cruyff himself also added 1 office full seasons before being fired Date 16.05.1996. That's the day of the Barcelona Dream Team empire with "Saint" Johan Cruyff decline forever.