According to Sports Mail revealed today Monday, 20/04, 24 clubs in League Two British will hold 1 online emergency meeting to discuss whether or not to cancel the tournament. Reportedly, the majority of clubs in the Championship under the British are not excited about the tournament kicks off again, even threatened to boycott if forced off the pitch.

At this meeting, if a majority of the clubs voted in favor of the cancellation resolution, the more likely the English football officials will have to make the decision not want is to end the league right now.

Show all the teams in the UK, especially the small team struggles bear the costs when the season was postponed. Not to mention there will be more problems will arise in the coming time when many players contracts expire on June 30/6. One other club owners in the UK Championship, said if the league continues to take place after the time of 30/6, they will not pay for the expiration of the contract because of insufficient funds.

As for the Premier League, new plans continue to be launched from the head of the tournament to save the rest of the 2019/20 season.

24 ranked team under emergency meeting demanded cancellation solutions, lo Premiership fate
The stadium will have no audience (Image Source: Internet)

The stadium will have no audience

Currently, the league is still unfinished and 9 round 92 match can not match. Latest FA (FA) is considering the organization notes the remaining matches of the Premier League 2019/20 2 neutral ground on Wembley and St George's Park, or some other location options.

Accordingly, many games can take place the same day at a stadium without spectators but with conditions the matches to be broadcast live on TV to make sure the image the club, sponsors and rights go with.

However, the reorganization of the game also involves many problems arise. It was the fans in each club can be concentrated in a certain place when the game takes place. This will cause unnecessary risks for pandemic Covid-19 is still very complex signals. And yet, the police force is not enough to implement to ensure the safety of the players and fans. Not to mention the health issues, migration of the teams, players and fans must also demand guaranteed as to how to avoid the virus infection.

Own sources, said the Daily Mail, one of the big teams Premiership season without faith would be continued and ended completely. They believe that the only reason for the league to continue the issue of television rights money, and if this issue is resolved, the league can completely canceled.