Premiership 2020/21 Round 1 ends, though Manchester United and Manchester City not to play in the clash with Burnley and Aston Villa. The Daily Mail has an article analyzing the performances of the players rookie debut with his new team. According to statistics, there are 22 players who joined Premiership new team and compete in rounds of perjury.

22 rookie Premiership debut: Impressive Willian, blurred Havertz
Willians (right) made his debut success Arsenal fans (Image Source: Internet)

Willians (right) made his debut success Arsenal fans

Of these, Willian is considered the most outstanding rookie playing in round 1. The Brazilian winger scored twice in the day tectonic launch new team. Even sources Fantasy also rated players who joined Arsenal this hat-trick is to create, by the goal and score, Willian also contributed greatly with a shot from close facilitating Lacazette's opener. So, he was the Daily Mail put 8 points for the debut of the "Gunners".

In the 3-0 win over West Brom, Timothy Castagne scored for Leicester, as well as the only goal was scored from open situations. But the defenders, but Castagne still boasts one of the few players each scored Belgium this ancient right in the first match in the Premier League. Along with Willian, Castagne is the Daily Mail put 8 points.

James Rodriguez is one of the rookie record deep impression in round 1 Premiership 2020/21. Needless scored or tectonic, great performances that new signings leave Everton in a 1-0 win over Tottenham were worthy of praise.

According to statistics from Opta, alone James Rdriguez created 5 chances for teammates finish. Statistics show that most of these attacks have the ball past Everton Rodriguez foot. Vision, creativity and technical virtuosity of Rodriguez are "rare", it is only seen in Mesut, Philippe Coutinho of the peak period, or current is Kevin De Bruyne, Bruno Fernandes ...

Recruits Premiership majority shine

Rodriguez does not just shine a little individualistic, not only the image of a player kicked his debut success. He is also said important details on a great change. And that of course vary with the positive direction where his team. James thus get points 7. If you live scoring or tectonic, rookie Everton probably took points 8, even 9.

Two signings very noticeable Chelsea: Timo Werner and also the golf Havertz Kai in the first match of the 2020/21 season. Two players leave the impression of different ways. Timo Werner is appreciated, recognized experts point 8 from the Daily Mail Max Winter, though he did not directly or tectonic scored in Chelsea's 3-1 win over Brighton pitch.

Germany striker been active with abundant energy source. Werner very agile, skillful and took the opportunity to know from the mistakes of opponents. It is you who make the penalty for Chelsea after 21 minutes Werner If Jorginho to penalties, may rookie has a goal in the new launch date for the team.

Meanwhile, teammate Kai Havertz to play very blurred, though present to 80 minutes on the field. He only received 6 points from the experts of the Daily Mail. Version 6.8 for Havertz Whoscored scoring, player Chelsea match played this Wednesday bad side "Blues :, after goalkeeper Kepa (5.2 points), Alonso (6.7 points) and Loftus-Cheek ( 6.2 points).

But not as bad as Kai Havertz rookie Robin Koch newly promoted team Leeds United. This player only 4 points from experts Daily Mail. In his debut, Leeds, Liverpool lost 3-4 on the field, Koch serves as barricades in front of goal the home team. However, many times players make mistakes, which Leeds failed to pick up after a very long period of time immersed in the First Division.