Luka Modric has now started a small advertising campaign for the launch of his new autobiography on Monday. He had been in Italy and had an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport, besides the usual questions then Modric has made remarkable statements about Kylian Mbappe.

2018 golden ball Mbappe urged to leave PSG: The future will go?
Luka Modric new autobiography coming out (Image Source: Internet)

Luka Modric is about a new autobiography

French striker this year was 21 years old but has been viewed as one of the top strikers in the world, he has spent more another season success at Paris Saint-Germain with 18 goals in 20 games in Ligue 1, and 5 goals and 5 is generated in seven Champions League games.

Mbappe under contract at PSG to 2022 and director Leonardo has declared sports will keep you in every way. But the World Cup in 2018 has consistently been encouraged to leave France to the challenge in a league other highly competitive, due to PSG was champion three consecutive seasons and almost dominate Ligue 1 the last decade due to exceptional financial strength.

Modric is the latest person urge Mbappe. When Gazzetta dello Sport asked who was he considered the # 1 star of the future, Croatian midfielder said: "Mbappe has all the qualities of expertise, but I think if he wants to really become a player best, he needs a championship more difficult league. "

2018 golden ball Mbappe urged to leave PSG: The future will go?
Mbappe was champion 4 times last Ligue 1 Monaco and PSG (Image Source: Internet)

Mbappe was champion 4 times last Ligue 1 Monaco and PSG

"The championship in Ligue 1 PSG too easily. In a tournament that championship was fierce competition, Mbappe will elevate the quality of his play than "Modric evaluation. Also Modric said that two other players will also be big stars in the future: "I see great potential from Vinicius Jr. and Raheem Sterling. They will be the players to shine in the coming years. "

Also in the interview, Modric said that the rest of the way in the Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain enough to win the championship, but besides a few other teams will also be a formidable candidate.

"I think PSG are playing very well and they will have more opportunities, although they will not kick any official match until March 8. But Barcelona and Bayern Munich is always present, and they all have to be careful with Atletico Madrid. Which team wins the match Manchester City pair - I think Real Madrid will be champions leading candidate, "Modric said.