Only confronted with the team in the Championship as Fleetwood Town and Morecambe bottom, Everton and Newcastle are both understood that winning goal would be impossible otherwise. However, the win of the second was not really the same.

2 matches stunned
Everton won 5-2 Fleetwood Town (Image Source: Internet)

Everton won 5-2 Fleetwood Town

If in the match between Fleetwood Town and Everton fans have witnessed chase sequences quite interesting until the 2nd half, then with Newcastle, they created the game one way when rivals Morecambe only exam to 10 men after 33 minutes.

Notably, the trip to Everton before entering Fleetwood Town in the context of taking multiple pillars on the bench. Recruits are echoes James Rodriguez also not included in the list of registration. Obviously, Carlo Ancelotti has shown determination to focus on front Premier League.

2 matches stunned
Representatives Premier League has shown class in time (Image Source: Internet)

Premier League representatives have shown class on time

Still, with the bench, Merseyside still shows the level of a representative from the Premier League. The player has received the title of Best in Everton's early brace Richarlison goal 34 minutes into the ball rolling. Dramatic only appears in the first minutes of 2nd half when Fleetwood Town home team suddenly get equalize after 48 minutes.

Whether Iwobi reestablished way with 2 goals only 1 minute mixed up then, but still have to accept defeat Everton 2 minutes 58. That was the last effort of Fleetwood Town in this match by the challenge Bernard's goals and Moise Kean has sealed the victory 5-2 to Everton.

"Injecting Choe" destroy opponents 7 goals without reply

Gusts "rain course" 7 goals also appear in the game between Morecambe and Newcastle. Except that 7 this goal belongs to Newcastle in a match of the attack jubilantly this team. Brace Joelinton also the phase set of Almiron, Jacob Murphy, Hayden, Lascelles, ending in situations players side Morecambe og, closed party 7 goals voyeuristic for fans "Prick robin ".