Again, Sevilla proved why they are considered a "bogeyman" in Europa League arena. Ultimate bravery with each 5-time champion, Spain represents excellent comeback against Manchester United 2-1.

2 his pride in Europa League final: Inter challenge
Sevilla beat MU (Image Source: Internet)

Sevilla beat MU

In this battle, Bruno Fernandes was successfully implemented on 11m to help United to take the lead. But just 20 minutes later, Sevilla have set the balance thanks to a goal by Suso.

MU can only blame themselves when too many missed opportunities in the first half 2. Consequently inevitable happened, attack multiple goal not to have paid off after De Jong scoring finish "Reds" 78 minutes.

With the kind of success MU, Sevilla's first team play in the ticket into the final Europa League this season. This is the 6th Spanish team won the right to the final Europa. In the previous five times, they were crowned champions.

In the other semi-final match, although Shakhtar Donetsk dirty old rival in Europa League arena (champions in 2009) but they still can not resist the power of Inter Milan.

Lautaro Martínez and Lukaku aglow with each scored 2 goals, the remaining table by D'Ambrosio, thereby representing bold Italia win with 5-0 on aggregate.

With the freeze in recent years, especially 6 consecutive victories in all competitions, can be said Inter deserved to enroll into the final confrontation "bugaboo" Sevilla.

2 his pride in Europa League final: Inter challenge
Lukaku & Martinez sublimation (Image Source: Internet)

Lukaku & Martinez sublimation

Put both teams on the table weight, in addition to ambition and high style, two teams from Italy and Spain, he also owns notable names. If Inter can be proud with 2 guns throat Lautaro - Lukaku, Sevilla also possesses many outstanding his account Ocampos, Suso or Luke de Jong.

However, in terms of motivation, the Nerazzurri are longing for the Europa League title rivals more. By was 10 years (since 2010), Inter Milan's new presence in the European Cup final. In the nearest time, the team of Jose Mourinho's coat Black Green overcame Bayern Munich in the final game in the Champions League.