Friendship youth

Final phase of the 20th century witnessed a meeting that later would become history. Is a product of La Masia youth academy reputation, Pep is the pillar and is the brightest star in the Barca squad. Meanwhile, Mourinho advancement into his coaching career as an assistant with the language and professional assistant to coach Barca.

2 great coach Guardiola - Mourinho friendship turned enemies like?
Images intimacy between two people back in Barcelona (Image Source: Internet)

Images intimacy between two people back at Barca

They are considered environmentally friends in Barca, jointly analyze tactical and psychological football, maintaining a positive relationship. Who are tasked to become the bridge between the coaching staff and the players, Mourinho soon realized Pep is a natural leader.

Owns sensible thinking, Mourinho showed he was not merely a language assistant with the ability to intervene in specialization, offering many impressive tactical analysis. Only a short time working at Barca, Mourinho conquered Pep, who is also very passionate tactics and always passionate research field. He became passionate rope Pep and Mourinho mount.

One of the most precious moments in the period between Pep and Mourinho friends appeared in 1997, in Rotterdam (Netherlands). Barca win against PSG with only a goal of the "aliens" Ronaldo, from the penalty spot, thereby 4th in Cup history to win the title of C2, a tournament record.

After the whistle ending the match referee Markus Merk of weight, Ivan de la Pena hugged Pep celebrate. Soon, Mourinho and Pep find they share the joy of victory. A reporter quickly capture the moment, and Mourinho is said to remain memorable pictures in the workroom. But, maybe that photo will forever lie in the past, to remember the old one stage between the two.

Enemies on train seats

The event sparked rivalry between Pep and Mourinho relating to chair coach. In 2008, Barca need a new coach. Mourinho impressed with Sports Director and Deputy Chairman, Txiki Begiristain Marc Ingla with presentations in Portugal. However, for reasons of objectivity that the duo did not appoint Mourinho, instead urging Pep - then working as Barca B coach - up team.

2 great coach Guardiola - Mourinho friendship turned enemies like?
Both did not even look at each other in a battle embarking classic Super (Image Source: Internet)

Both did not even look at each other in a battle embarking classic Super

Mourinho first met as manager Pep on the Champions League match in 2009, when Inter Barca 0-0 at the Giuseppe Meazza air. The conflict between the two began in the 2009/10 season, especially in the Champions League semi-final which Inter won 3-1 Barca at home, lost 0-1 away leg. Mourinho celebrating like crazy despite the Nou Camp BTC faucet open throughout the yard and Victor Valdes holds goalkeeper collar aggression.

Everything since that time, as they say, has gone down in history. Sides constantly attacked and pilloried monitor each other. They are the focus of the confrontation of the teams implacable, from Barca - Real in Spain, to the Manchester City - Manchester United in England.

The tension up to the enemy when the two sides confront each other in El Clasico. People will not forget the hand-eye poked Barca assistant Tito Vilanova tried Mourinho in the game in 8/2011, the performances of both melee of players and coaching staff of both teams.

But in terms of achievement, Mourinho is weaker than Pep. After 23 times of wills, with 6 victory over Mourinho Guardiola. Conversely, he received 11 failure - including the results after the shootout. Which means he lost 50% of the confrontation between the two. Mourinho's club scored 21 goals, while getting to 42 goals from opponents that coach Pep.

Mourinho's career has gone down considerably since the period less successful at Real Madrid, and now must accept the "condescending" to lead Tottenham. Meanwhile, Pep is still in the promotion momentum everything though not always like a dream to him at Manchester City. But whatever the matter, each time they met on grass, this duo will certainly still create unforgettable feelings.