Hazard & Crystal Feet do Real Madrid

Summer 2019, Real Madrid spent on 100 million euros and could increase to 150 million euros to buy 1 year of Eden Hazard's contract from Chelsea. When it comes to such a huge amount, "white vultures" of course have to put a lot of expectations on the Belgian star.

Hazard continuous injury since coming Real

According to President Florentino Perez, Eden Hazard will be the "inheritance of the throne" that Cristiano Ronaldo left Berbaneu. CR7 statedly recorded every season more than 40 goals during 9 years of dedication to the Spanish Royal team. Hazard was given Ronaldo's No. 7 shirt, enjoying a terrible salary of 20 million euros / season and hopes to reach that achievement.

However, the expectations of the Madridista quickly became a disappointment. According to statistics, Eden Hazard missed many matches with Real Madrid than Gareth Bale, although the former Chelsea player just joined "Los Blancos" for over a year.

Eden Hazard was injured in Real Madrid against Aves in the 11th round of La Liga. This is his 8th injury for 16 months at La Liga. Earlier, Hazard had a problem of hamstring, ankles, marbles, muscles and positive for Covid-19.

The previous 7 injuries made Hazard had to take a break for a total of 253 days and missed 36 Real Madrid's matches since the beginning of the previous season so far. The bigger the disappointment when compared to the 7-year previous time in Chelsea, Hazard only received 10 injuries and a 20 battles.

No Hazard, Real has just lost Shakhtar in the Champions League (Photo source: Internet)

No Hazard, Real has just lost Shakhtar in the Champions League

Hazard's legs are now even fragile even more fragile than Gareth Bale's day glass feet.

In 7 years of playing for Real Madrid, Bale suffered 24 injuries and missed a total of 95 matches. But if the overall calculation, Bale still plays for Real Madrid more than Hazard. The Wales player plays 50% of the time in the last 7 years (17.926 minutes), while Hazard only accounts for 31.8% of the minute minutes (1,860 minutes).

With the latest injury, Hazard may have to play for more than 2 weeks and missed 4 matches of Real Madrid to meet Shakhtar Donetsk, Sevilla, Borussia Monchengladbach and Atletico Madrid. In the match with Shakhtar Donetsk in the framework of the 5th round of the Champions League group, partly due to hazard, Real lost to pain 0-2, thereby facing the risk of the first time from the group stage.

Barca defeated for "blockbuster" Coutinho

Similar to Eden Hazard, Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona in the mission to replace superstar Neymar Junior. Help Liverpool earns 165 million euros in January 2018, the Brazilian star even reaches the most expensive deals.

However, the "blockbuster" contract comes from this Premier League is an important cause of Barcelona to defeat. And now, the Catalunya giant is miserable in the task of selling the 28-year-old star liquidation.

Barca defeated for "blockbuster" Coutinho (Photo source: Internet)

Barca defeated for "blockbuster" Coutinho

The recent Mundo Deportivo reveals Barca will not sell Coutinho to any team without receiving 100 million euros. It is not an excessive number under the inflation of the transfer market over the years. But Transfermarkt now valued him only 60 million euros.

In fact, Coutinho could not maintain the performance as in Liverpool but didn't play too badly in Barca and Bayern Munich. In Barca, Coutinho scored 24 goals and created 13 times after 85 appearances. In Germany, Coutinho scored 9 goals, created 8 times in 32 appearances for Bayern.

The problem is that Coutinho's goals often come at times that are no longer important, while the big matches he cannot show much. And that's what the leadership Barcelona as well as the unhappy Cules in Brazilian superstars. It is also the difference between Coutinho with Neymar Junior ...