Page The Sun reported that the teams in the Premiership will have separate meetings to consider joining forces against the planned transfer of the owner of Newcastle. Reportedly, 10 teams in the Premier League is expected to attack the proposed change all that Newcastle are awaiting the tournament organizing committee for consideration.

10 team Premier League
Newcastle owner extremely difficult to change (Image Source: Internet)

Newcastle owner extremely difficult to change

In the context of the English Premier League has not officially closing time back, a lot of teams are playing in this tournament looking for fairness and the bosses Arab wealth is about to take over Newcastle makes them feel "hot eye".

In addition, the Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, the unit stands out acquisition Newcastle for 300 million pounds are facing waves of heavy criticism because of piracy and issues related to human rights in the country Middle East.

Also according to the source, 10 teams in the Premiership fully entitled to stand out against Newcastle in the moment. The reason that the team was that the transfer of ownership in Newcastle making all league encounter instability and affect the reputation and image.

The new legal documents also be submitted to the English Football Association to provide proof that the Arabs boss intimately involved with many sports activities in the country illegally.

10 team Premier League
Fate "Injecting Choe" is the big question mark (Image Source: Internet)

Fate "Injecting Choe" is the big question mark

Earlier this month, Sportsmail disclose information two major television channels as BT Sport and SkySports has asked the US government sanctions Saudi Arabia because this nation has violated the TV rights seriously with the internal sports content. 10 Premier League teams can totally rely on this move to "dilapidated" plan pending change all that Newcastle organizing committee via the Premiership.

After the acquisition from Newcastle owner Mike Ashley's at 300 million pounds, the Arab investment fund is expected to account for 80% of the shares "Injecting Choe". Their main partner, represented as "her boss Premier League" Amanda Staveley owns 10%, while the rest will belong to investors David and Simon Reuben. Delays in the passed ownership are causing internal team Newcastle disorder and can not concentrate for professionals.