One third of English Premier League fans have expressed support for the cancellation of the results of the 2019/20 Premier League season. Here are the results from the survey of the betting firm Paddy Power, amounts to more than 40,000 votes.

1/3 English Premier League fans to cancel the proposal, decided to prevent Liverpool Championship
Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp can lose the championship if the Premier League to cancel the results (Image Source: Internet)

Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp can lose the championship if the Premier League to cancel the results

In the context of Ligue 1 has been declared canceled at the request of the Government of France and some other European leagues are also to end soon, public opinion is awaiting developments in the UK is. Premiership is thought unlikely to cancel due to the financial damage would be very, very large.

But the fans are not all that interested. According to the survey results of Paddy Power, 31% of the vote want the league to cancel the results, of which an amount of not less explains the reason is because you want to stop Liverpool won a championship, but they almost certainly will win if no pandemic Covid-19.

Even more than 40% of the votes were fans from clubs in London as Arsenal, Tottenham or Chelsea. But also among the fans want to cancel the prize there are also other reasons that they want their team avoid relegation, including the fans of the team in the "red light" and the club stand on the only level 3-4 .

Though still 51% of fans want the Premier League next stone in the stadium without spectators. 13% of the votes want season-ending and always use current rankings to determine the capacity for European and the remaining 5% proposal playoff stone or other calculations.

There are split opinions about the Premier League, but with the organization of the League Cup the following season, the survey results are almost completely canceled when supporters demanded cancellation of the votes accounted for more than 78%. Only 22% want to cancel both the FA Cup the following season, and with the FA Cup this season has 66% of the vote the proposal to cancel, including Arsenal and Chelsea fans though both teams were in the quarterfinals.